Care Manual

Care Manual

How to take the device in and out of the box:

  1. Cut packing seal in the middle and from the sides of the box with the knife
  2. Take out one set at a time with plastic packing
  3. Then hold the bottom of the rectangular part by hand , then take the device out
  4. Device needs to be put in the same method
  5. When ever you need to carry the device from one location to another, please carry the entire left or
    right set from the bottom of rectangular section
Cleaning of the Device:
  • Use few drop of the liquid Dial soap on a wet paper towel /Muslin cloth, clean the out part of the device
  • Dry it with paper towel or muslin cloth .(Aluminium or rubber cleaner can also be used )

Clean Spring coils:

Metal Rescue(Cleaner) or equivalent should be used to clean the springs. Do not use water on the Springs.

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