• Weight limit is 300lbs per person.
  • Do not use the device without consulting a physician or the therapist
  • Install the included handle in wood before using this device, or use parallel bars (not included) for support
  • Children should use Walk on Me only with parental supervision, and consent from a physician or therapist
  • Read Exercise Instructions and view pictures before using them.
  • Connector screws should be tightened before using the device (all eight of them)

Do no use device without a physician’s approval for any of the following conditions (non-exclusive):

1) Pregnancy

2) High/Low Blood pressure

3) Hypertension

4) Recent Stroke

5) Heart Conditions

6) High Cholesterol

7) Spinal Injury

8) Back Problems

9) Osteoporosis

10) Fractures Obesity

People on any other medical issues should contract their physical before using this device

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