Parts Description

Parts Description

Walk on Me is a 3 – piece portable uniquely designed foot exercise device, as shown in the picture.

The front and back portions are referred to as “D-section” portions. The middle part is called a rectangular section.

D Section:

1) Holster

2) Connector Rods – Inner & outer

3) D-Top Spring carrier with rods (DTSC)

4) D Spring carrier (DSC)

5) D-ABS Attachment top (DAT)

6)D-ABS Attachment bottom (DAB)

7) Nylon bush

8) Nylon lock

9) Screws

10) Rubber bellow

11) Outer Spring

12) Medium and small resistance power spring – placed in a separate blue box

13) D-rubber pad

14) D-rubber heel & toe pad

General Description – (Components Assembled together )

D-Section – This component house multiple components. They are two in one set.

Connector Rods

These are permanently attached in D-Holster and secured with nuts and bolt. Two inner & two outer as designed. They are 2 pair in a set. One of the rods from each pair contains two marks; the first mark indicates shoe size from 7 to 13 male/female and second mark indicates do not extend past. They are there to guide foot size on the device with sport shoes shown in the picture.

D Spring (DSC)

This component has three spiral grooves for three sizes of spring. A hole in the middle is for nylon bush to insert in. To right and left space in outer spiral grove is for nylon locks. There are four holes in outer middle spiral grove are to release the air hosted by rubber bellow. There are three screws holes around it to secure it with screw and nut in conjunction with abs attachment top.

D-Top spring carrier with rod (DTSC)

This component has three spiral groves for all three sizes of spring. Has aluminum rod in the middle , secured with screw and washer. This rod moves in nylon bush located in DSC while exercising. D-Heel rubber pad or D-toe rubber pad are glued to the other side of DTSC (has non-functional space to right and left).

Nylon Lock

This component is located to the right and left space in outer spriral grove, DSC and DTSC is to keep outer most spring steady for safety reasons and are secured by one screw each into DSC and DTSC.

Nylon Bush

This component is located in the middle of DSC and inserted through the ABS attachment top and it makes the smooth and safe movement of DTSC rod in it while exercising.

Outer Spring

Outer most spring is locked in DSC spiral grove and can be replaced if worn. Other two medium and small springs are in the blue box with device package. Do not clean springs with water.

D-Rubber pad

This is a safety component is located under the ABS attachment bottom and glued in its pathway. It stops unwanted movement for the device while exercising. They are two in a set.

D-Rubber Heel Pad & Toe Pad

These components are for comfort and safety. They are glued to other side of DTSC. Heel pad has a heel look and toe pad has wider rubber print. They are two in set.

D-Rubber Bellow

It is a safety component and it covers outer most spring and located between DTSC and DSC outer most spiral grove wall.

Rectangle Section:

1) Rectangle Holster

2) Rectangle ABS Attachments top (RACT)

3) Rectangle ABS Attachments bottom (RACB)

4) Red Rubber Pad

5) Connectors

6)Connectors screws with nob large & small – For outer side large, for inner side small

7) Connectors

8) Connectors Rubber Pad

9) Wall handle & screws

General Description – (Components Assembled together )

Rectangle section:

Rectangle Holster

This component is a middle part of the device. It is one per set. It houses other components of rectangle section.

Rectangle ABS Attachments bottom

This component has six holes and grip around it. It is a two-way attachment from the upper side. It sits under the rectangular holster and it is glued to it. it is secured with screws into both connector three places of each.

Rectangle ABS Attachments top

This component has a grip around it and sits on top of the rectangular holster secured with glue. The red rubber pad is glued on top of RACT for placement of foot while exercising.

Red Rubber Pad – Function described in RACT:


This component has two chambers each open to both ends. They have ABS cap glued, closing one chamber keeping other open for connector rod – in both connectors 2 rod from inside and 2 from outside. On the Side of the connector , 2 holes each for screws with knob – outer screw is small and inner side screw is large. Each connector has 2 rubber pads under them for safety.

Connectors screws with nob

Large & small – For outer side large, for inner side small. Described above.

Connectors ABS Cap

Described in connectors

Connectors Rubber Pad

Described in connectors

Wall handle & screws

Mount wall handle only on wooded wall. Do not use screws on sheet rocks from prevent injury

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