Usage of the Devices

Usage of the Devices (Exercises)

Use parallel bar(not included) or handle given should be secured by screws in the
wood only.(Do not mount on sheet rock). Put device on even surface at a convenient distance between both sets Open all 4 D-section from rectangular evenly upto the first dot(.) on D connector Rod. Make sure to tighten all 8 connector screws with knobs.

Front Exercise:

Approach the device from the back ,put your toe on D-Top toe, upto the edge and in middle (do not put toe on the sides) one foot at a time and put heel on the red rubber pad in the middle.

Then begin the exercise by pushing one toe down at a time while keeping the body weight on the heel for a desired duration.

Back Exercise:

While holding the support, change your heel from red rubber pad to D top heel upto the edge and in the middle(Do not put the heel on the sides) Toe comes on the red rubber pad, one foot at a time.

Now begin exercise by pushing one heel down at a time while keeping the body weight on toe for a desired duration.

Cross Legs:


  1. One foot in the position as front Exercise.
  2. One foot in the position as back exercise.
  3. Begin exercising front toe and heel next time and alternating them for a desired
Changing the Resistance power( Springs):
  1. Hold the outer spring by the Bellow with one hand while twisting the D-Top to the
    right with the other hand, carefully pull out the D top.
  2. Replace the spring from the Blue box and put the desired resistance power spring
    onto the appropriate spiral groove.
  3. Push the rubber Bellow slightly down and put Dtop back on outer spring, make
    sure its aligned with red rubber pad releasing the Bellow to edge of the Dtop.
  4. Push Dtop by hand so it can lock the spring.

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