Level 1 (S) Therapeutic

Those who have lean or small foot seniors beginner, looking to strength  foot muscles level 1 is the best choice

Level 2 (M) Therapeutic

Those who are physically fit , looking to exercise their foot or an alternate daily walk . level 2 is the right size for them .

Level 3 (L) Athletic

Athletes involved in any sports as climbing mountains or others level three is the most perfect choice for you.

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Walk On Me is a three-piece portable design for foot therapeutic device. Walk on me was developed by the help of foot doctor and therapist. The device was featured at 2015 Podiatric medal conference at Teaneck New Jersey and APTA(American Physical Therapy Association) 2017 at Boston. The device has incorporated any/all suggestion given during the above mentioned conference.
The Device comes with three different levels of exercises and each level has three different resisting power setting to provide better of therapy exercise and physical fitness. Light weight durability Walk On Me quality sustainable movements throughout your work out experience. “This device has been endorsed by Dr. Steven Bennett-Podiatrist Baltimore MD.” Visit Device for more information

Walk Me Portable Foot Exercise Device

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