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About Us

It all began in 2009 when US economy slowed down. A V Trading LLC change to a design company than first education than researched. After a long time of hard work an idea brought a unique design which could exercise the whole foot from toe to lower back. Than the utility patent was earned and is pct. patent pending in 144countries and was named walk on me foot exercise. During the development time device was featured in 2015 Podiatric medical conference at Teaneck New Jersey and APTA 2017 conference at Boston walk on me foot exercise has incorporated any all suggestions given during above mentioned conferences by the doctors and therapists .
Dr. Steven Bennett (Podiatrist) Baltimore has endorsed devise. FOR MORE INFORMATION www walk on me online.

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What Clients Say

I have used a number of foot exercise devices to work out my calves but they did not help me as well as the WALK ON ME FOOT EXERCISE DEVICE.  It allows me exercise my feet and stretch my calves in one move, and it is comfortable to use.


I was referred walk on me device by a friend when I was constantly troubled with foot and ankle pain. I contacted them and ordered the device. To my surprise, it has relieved my pain to a great extent. Satisfied purchase!”

Pradeep Senger

I purchased a Level 2 (M) Therapeutic device from AV Trading ACDC  fitness show in VERGINIA, as suggested by one of their representatives. Being a fitness enthusiast, I am noticing the changes it is bringing in my life. I feel better than before.” –

Josh Cumbee

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M. Reynolds

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