“This device has been endorsed by Dr. Steven Bennett-Podiatrist Baltimore MD.”

Benefit of Walkon Me Device

Foot Exercise

  • Exercises the Calf Muscles
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Increase and Assist in Flexibility
  • Increases Range of Motion
  • Applies Resistance to Heels and Toes
  • Helps Rehabilitate Athletic Injuries
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (For one month)

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Level 1 (S) Therapeutic

Those who have lean or small foot seniors beginner, looking to strength  foot muscles level 1 is the best choice

  •   Device has outer most resistance power approximately 65 pounds with 1 inch compression additional power 35; 32 must be used one at a time with
  • Foot size 6 and up



Level 2 (M) Therapeutic

Those who are physically fit , looking to exercise their foot or an alternate daily walk . level 2 is the right size for them .

  •  Device has outer most resistance power approximately 89 pounds with 1.5 inch compression additional powers 45, 42 pounds must be used one at a time with
  • Foot size 7 and up



Level 3 (L) Athletic

Athletes involved in any sports as climbing mountains or others level three is the most perfect choice for you.

  • Device has outer most resistance power 115 pounds 2 inch compression approximately additional power 48.5 and 46 can be used with outer most power one power at a time
  • Foot size 7 and up


Walk On Me

Walk On Me Portable Foot Exercise Device

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What Clients Say

I have used a number of foot exercise devices to work out my calves but they did not help me as well as the WALK ON ME FOOT EXERCISE DEVICE.  It allows me exercise my feet and stretch my calves in one move, and it is comfortable to use.


I was referred walk on me device by a friend when I was constantly troubled with foot and ankle pain. I contacted them and ordered the device. To my surprise, it has relieved my pain to a great extent. Satisfied purchase!”

Pradeep Senger

I purchased a Level 2 (M) Therapeutic device from AV Trading ACDC  fitness show in VERGINIA, as suggested by one of their representatives. Being a fitness enthusiast, I am noticing the changes it is bringing in my life. I feel better than before.” –

Josh Cumbee

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M. Reynolds

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